Our product quality and the satisfaction of our customers are the joint result of technologically high-performance production. Proven methods, sparing use of resources and an effective quality assurance contribute to a situation where we let the high standards of our products flow into the entire production process. This is our standard and the promise that we make to our customers.

In the area of metal phosphides, we have set new production standards and achieved a leading technological role with critical controlling and optimisation. As a technological leader in the field of magnesium and aluminium phosphides, we already have and will furthermore set important quality standards.

In the product area of rodenticides and other pesticides, our production conforms to a “state-of-the-art” label, naturally always in compliance with all official requirements and regulations.

All of the production at our locations in Laudenbach and Delitzsch is subject to the most stringent supervision level of all national authorities. All our other production facilities worldwide, too, are under stringent supervision levels of the local authorities. Safety is of paramount importance for us. Changes in the production process or the integration of new procedures are always subject to official approval. In compliance with strict standards, our prime concern is customer satisfaction.

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