Field of Activity

Feeding a steadily growing global population is one of the most important themes of our age. In 2050, more than nine billion people will be living on Earth. This situation demands solutions because a growing number of people also intensifies the challenges food producers face.

Cultivation, storage and transport are increasingly being exposed to negative external influences. Diseases, pests and vermin are disposing producers of their harvest and consumers of their food.

In order to facilitate sustainable and effective food supply worldwide, we provide assistance with our products in the field of storage product protection. We protect storage and transport facilities containing among others grain, rice, nuts, coffee, soy and cocoa beans as well as feed from infestation by pests and take effective action to combat such dangers.

New challenges, whether global, regional or local, demand solutions. Our group, the Detia Degesch Group, develops them.

Strict quality requirements and maximum standards in our production processes result in a production portfolio that our customers can demonstrably rely on. Years of far-reaching expertise and comprehensive biological and scientific knowledge about every kind of pest or vermin enable us to offer the right solution for every area and every customer.

Based on these expertise, an extensive product range has also been derived for the private segment with the aim of combating pests and vermin in the house and garden.

Professional Use

We develop and market products for the agricultural sector and industry. By doing so we are making an important contribution to the protection of harvests, storage and/or the direct prevention of diseases.