Rodents are mammals of the order “Rodentia” and represent about 40% of all mammalian species. They are considered as pest when contaminating food and feed, damaging stored goods, cables, packaging etc. or transferring diseases to humans, domestic animals and pets.

The rodents falling under pest controls program are mostly mice, moles, voles and, of course, rats. For pest control issues, rabbits are sometimes associated with rodents (similar methods, similar products) although they are not accurately rodents. Some squirrel species can also classify as pest when they are invasive.

Effective control strategies require products that fulfil a variety of requirements, like efficacy, stability, attractiveness and limited risk for non-targets. They are three different rodenticide product lines in our company, which all comply with the requirements of good product stewardship. The fourth product line consists of effective repellents for outdoor areas – expelling animals without killing them.

Thanks to this broad spectrum of products, we can offer solutions to deal with every situation and every threat from rodents, whether you are a professional user or not.

Rats and mice

Rats and mice as broadly seen species have a worldwide impact in our everyday life and can be a real problem in domestic, urban, rural and agricultural areas by spoiling many resources and threatening your well-being.

Voles / Field mice

Moles, voles and field mice are not only responsible for agricultural losses or degradation of meadows and lawns but also generate security breaches in many constructions like airports, damns/dykes, solar fields, etc.

Traps and Bait boxes

Before using chemicals to control rodents, the user should try Integrated Pest management methods like cleaning and re-organising the space to prevent rodent´s access to food, feed and water.