Ready for use non-residual natural contact insecticide solution for the control of insects in households, retail and food premises.


Stored product pests

Active Ingredient(s):

Permethrin 50g/l

Application Rate:

  • Flying insects – 50ml per 1000m³
  • Crawling insects –100ml per 1000m³
  • Tobacco insects – 185ml/1000m³


A ready for use hot fogging non residual contact insecticide solution for the control of flying and crawling insects such as grain weevils,flour moths,tobacco beetles and their larvae

Active Ingredient(s):

Pyrethrins and Piperonyl Butoxide

Application Rate:

  • Stored grain pests – 400ml/1000m³
  • Tobacco beetle and moth – 3.5lt/1000m³

VK2 – Carrier

Contains all the necessary properties to convert a pesticide/water emulsion into an efficient fogging solution