Science – in the interests of user safety and user-friendliness

Our scientists work on new developments and products in order to develop solutions for changing requirements in the field of stored product protection and pest control. They are the basis of our innovative strength. In this way, we ensure that now and in the future, we are going to play a leading global role in tackling problems sustainably while being in a position to offer effective solutions. In doing so, we continually invest in our scientific departments.


Research and development – science obliges

Thanks to its own research and development, the Detia Degesch Group has secured itself a leading position in a challenging competitive environment. But we are still researching – day by day. Our colleagues in our own modern laboratories live for the idea of making our products even better and even safer. The focal point of our research, however, is user safety friendliness – regardless of whether it is applied in the professional or private sector. Our customers expect quality and reliability – we develop and check continuously and guide processes.

In individual departments for the areas of metal phosphides, rodenticides and insecticides, we always integrate comments and criticism, for example from our customers, subject products to intensive checks and develop things afresh – from the idea through implementation and all the way to market maturity. We can prove our innovative strength with certification according to GEP (Good Experimental Practice). This makes it possible for us to, for example, carry out our own effectiveness attempts and use them for approvals.

Application technology – collaborations and studies as a touchstone

For our customers, we collaborate with independent institutions in order to guarantee safety and user friendliness. We test and validate our product promises by way of regular and extensive studies conducted both by ourselves and in cooperation with various research institutions. We test and validate our product promises by means of regular and extensive studies. In doing so, we ask the quality question time and again anew and carry out optimisations at the necessary adjustment points.

Authorisations – our quality promise to you

Products do not leave our company until our experts are thoroughly convinced of their quality, safety and their effectiveness level.

More than 1,000 product authorisations in more than 120 countries all over the world are testimony to our promise of quality. We are in continuous dialogue around the globe with all of the relevant public authorities – before, during and after an authorisation process. The foremost premise of this active exchange is the issue of safety. The most important issue of all. Our experts and external witnesses check every product under stringent conditions before shipping it to our customers. As market leader in the field of metal phosphides, we vouch for this product area because we put our faith in quality and efficiency.

Here too, safety is always the highest priority for us, our employees and our customers.