Voles / Field mice

Moles, voles and field mice are not only responsible for agricultural losses or degradation of meadows and lawns but also generate security breaches in many constructions like airports, damns/dykes, solar fields, etc. It is proven that plagues are favoured by mild winters and even become worse in the following year. The damage from plagues can run into millions of dollars.

We offer you solutions wherever Voles and Field mice are present.

  • For damages caused on agricultural fields and plantation, we recommend the use of either zinc phosphide-based bait products or metal-phosphide based fumigants.
  • Only to repel the animals from a specific field, garden or lawns, we recommend the use of the very potent calcium carbide-based repellent.

Aluminium Phosphide

Aluminium phosphide is created by the fusion of aluminium and red phosphorus.

Zinc Phosphide

Zinc phosphide is a metal phosphide, which reacts in contact with acids.