Zinc Phosphide

Zinc phosphide is a metal phosphide, which reacts in contact with acids. Combined with an attractant, the active substance zinc phosphide makes a truly effective acute poison for voles and field mice. In contact with the stomach’s acids, the zinc phosphide reacts immediately and releases the gas phosphine. Phosphine is an extremely toxic gas that kills within seconds. The acute toxicity presents no problem for mice, as they are not as bait-shy as rats.

Successful rodent control with bait product is the combination of effective active substances and attractive baits.

Contrary to anticoagulants, the zinc phosphide-based products can be used in outdoor areas because there are neither persistent nor accumulate along the food chain in organic tissues.


Detia Mouse poison grains

The wheat mix with zinc phosphide is optimal on agricultural fields against field mice. A high concentration of the active substance ensures the efficiency of the formulation.

Detia Mouse poison pellets

The pellet-based Zincphosphide mix is very attractive and easy to use. The pellet bait is also stable under wet climatic conditions.


Standard products:

  • 5 kg buckets
  • 1 kg buckets
  • 180 g bottles

The bottle size presents the optimal form for gardeners with limited areas to control, while the larger buckets are destined to professional users with large fields.


Use the dosage according to our recommendation on the label or user’s manual. Place the product in the hole directly in the galleries of the rodents to control. Use a dibber to find further rodent´s holes under the surface.

We recommend the use of an applicator, which enable to find the galleries and bring the product much faster under the earth surface.

Zinc phosphide-based rodenticides are bait products. Bait products always work best when there is no alternative feed. Winter is, therefore, the best season to fight infestation in fields.


Always use during dry weather and in dry environments. Otherwise, a reaction with water is possible and the bait will lose its potency.

Do not apply the product on the surface. First, it will react with the water in case of rain, but it is also very dangerous for non-target animals like dogs, cats and birds. Always place the product under the surface, in the soil, in the galleries of the rodents. You can also use bait stations/boxes or the waterpipes (when they are not active).

Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.