As a market leader in the production of metal phosphide, and generating phosphine, we hold the responsibility to protect harvested grains and processed goods from different kinds of pest infestations and storage pests in the most efficient way.

Fumigants based on metal phosphides are highly efficient against storage pest in all developing stadiums.

Aluminium Phosphide (Phostoxin)

Formulations based on aluminium phosphide (AlP) are the most used products for the control of pests in storages, as well as rodents and other outdoor vertebrates.

Magnesium Phosphide (Magtoxin)

Due to their characteristics, formulations based on magnesium phosphide (Mg3P2), are the fumigant of choice for quick fumigations even under suboptimal conditions.

Equipment and Accessories

Our high-quality portfolio of metal phosphide containing fumigants is completed with valuable equipment and accessories, which every skilled technician should use during fumigation.

Phosphine Tolerance Test

Inadequate fumigation practices lead to the development of tolerances.


Various pheromone traps for stored products such as grain and tobacco are available per order, including the following.